Warsaw, an undiscovered fashion hotspot

With the emphasis on London, Milan and Paris, it’s not surprising that some of Europe’s lesser-known fashion spots are often overlooked. On a recent trip to Warsaw, I left the Polish capital very impressed by its sense of style

From bespoke tailoring houses such as Zaremba, which remained a favourite during the Communist era by stashing outlawed “bourgeois” fabrics for clients, to newly graduated designers, Warsaw has a surprising diversity of fashion talent, both old and new.

A design by recent Warsaw Art Academy graduate Kasia Skórzyńska. A design by recent Warsaw Art Academy graduate Kasia Skórzyńska

My recent visit to Poland coincided with the graduation of Warsaw Art Academy’s first ever fashion diploma students, a talented bunch, including womenswear designer Kasia Skórzyńska, whose vivid prints, inspired by the films of Wong Kar-Wai, showed accomplishment and international appeal (she’s already interned with London designer Richard Nicoll and has shown in Beijing).

Also in early June, outside of any official week or season, national (fashion) hero Robert Kupisz drew an impressive crowd to a vast warehouse space across the river from the city centre, for a show that was deliberately commercial and relaxed in style, the soft denims and especially the oversized flannel shirts pushing Kupisz’s design into more high-fashion territory through tactile fabric treatments and proportion.

Another of Warsaw’s most-established designers is Ania Kuczyńska, whose beautiful boutique at Mokotowska features minimal though supremely elegant designs for men and women, accessories (including a unisex bestselling bag inspired by a trip to Shanghai, over 3,000 of which were sold last year) and housewares. Kuczynska’s aesthetic is very distinctive, revealing often mystical yet subtle inspirations – evident whether you are looking at a beautifully draped shirt or pair of trousers, a simple bag or a gorgeous ceramic plate.

Some of the most covetable designs I encountered were by Mariusz Przybylski, a designer with an appealing minimal aesthetic offering clothes at Zara-level prices but designed by the man himself and produced in Poland (in a factory known for producing brands such as Burberry), beautifully cut and using high-quality materials. His pared-back separates for men and women (this season’s menswear included light wool/moleskin cotton biker jackets, chunky cotton knits and texturised sweatshirts and joggers) is best experienced at his boutique, located in one of the chicest neighborhoods in Warsaw to stroll in.

As with many cities, Warsaw’s fashion community forms a branch of its wider artistic network; many of the graduate designers cited films as their main inspiration. While I was there the Zachęta National Gallery of Art had an exhibition of work by legendary Polish graphic designer and poster artist Henryk Tomaszewski, whose designs have featured in menswear by Comme des Garçons.

If you find yourself on a weekend break in Warsaw, besides eating outside at one of the city’s al fresco dining spots (residents are well provided for, thanks to the city’s long hot summers), I recommend checking out the city’s fashion boutiques and independent stores. There is a growing sense of excitement about the city’s design, building on Warsaw’s history of producing fine artists and film-makers.

Your fashion advice for men to go sockless in summer is nuts

The question:

You recommend going sockless with leather shoes, summer trousers and even suits. You are nuts. You want us to have stinky feet and rot our shoes.

The answer:

I am indeed completely nuts, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about how I look. Sometimes, I admit, I will privilege appearance over comfort. Impracticality is a sign of a fun guy, no? Women have been living by the appearance-over-comfort directive since the invention of the corset, and although we also call them nuts, we still like to look at them. I would rather be nuts than unattractive.

There is something insouciant and boyish about the sockless ankle in summer. When dressing for heat, the goal is not just to feel un-hot but also to look it: This is why Goths in black mesh shirts always look silly in 30 degrees no matter the state of their ventilation. Running shoes are not a good option for dressy outfits, and it’s almost impossible to find a sexy sandal.

I understand the fear of the sweaty foot. And it’s true that leather can take on a nasty odour permanently. If you want your shoes to last for 10 years (as your dad used to boast), then contemporary fashion is not for you.

But if you’re honest, you’re going to admit to buying shoes more frequently than that just to keep up with current trends. Wear your clothes with abandon, I say; don’t keep them pristine as if for museums: They are meant to wear out. Then you get to buy new ones.

And have you considered foot powder? It reduces sweat and odour, protects the shoe and is invisible if correctly applied (please don’t get it all over your ankles or we will see your secret).

The other option is athletic ankle socks, cut to the height of the shoe’s upper. They are available in running and other sports shops. They will always be visible so not, to my snobbish eye, perfect but certainly a better option – especially with shorts – than full-length socks. See? I will tolerate compromise.

12 Fashion Rules to Steal from Male Street Style Stars

It’s safe to say that the colorful world of street style has more or less replaced the runways when it comes to trend-setting looks and outfits to copy. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve, here’s a hot tip: Male street style is where it’s at, and there’s no better scene than the menswear shows in Italy.

Sure, menswear has always been stylish, but in recent years, the looks have definitely been dialed up a notch as men become increasingly adventurous with how they dress—from jaunty accessories to bold color combinations. In fact, the looks are so good that ladies should sit up and take notice—and steal some of these outfit ideas for themselves.
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Menswear is kind of a perfect playpen for fashion lovers: Whereas the world of women’s fashion can sometimes feel like the wild, wild west in terms of aesthetics—no boundaries, a million moving parts—menswear has set wardrobe staples and conventions for every day that are more or less universal, like a suit. As such, menswear is like a great sonnet—it’s how one plays within a set structure that really allows the wearer to show off his (or her!) personality.

Here are 12 style rules you can steal from the boys right now—complete with drool-worthy inspiration from the streets of Florence and Milan.

1. Aim for effortless.

By all means, never look like you spent hours getting ready in the morning. Leave something a bit rumpled; something else a bit un-tucked or un-buttoned. Don’t over-think things.

2. Rocking one color from head-to-toe is seriously elegant.

Consider the suit, which has many moving parts and options. Opting to keep the palette uniform—whether it’s gray or cobalt—gives an outfit a really cohesive feel.

3. Be strategic—and brave!—with your use of prints.

Print-mixing in women’s fashion is on the verge of jumping the shark, but menswear takes a more targeted approach. Opt for an over-the-top blazer, and then keep the rest of your outfit neutral, or take a more subtle outfit and let your accents do the mixing.

4. Fit is everything.

No man expects a suit to fit him like a dream straight off the rack—a trip to the tailor is baked into the buying process. Why should women expect any differently of a dress or a skirt? Change your mind-set, and start treating everything you wear like a great menswear staple. Make your tailor your best friend, and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t fit you like a glove.

5. Have a sense of humor.

There’s a delicious sense of whimsy in menswear—a touch of cheek in a goofy print, a subtle wink in a flash of hot pink under a collar or shirt sleeve. Don’t take your clothing too seriously! Invest in something that makes you smile.

6. A great, high-fashion suit is a worthy investment.

Sure, this axiom is especially true for men, but a truly fabulous suit can work for men and women, given the right fabric and fit. (Plus, women have the added perk of choosing between a pants suit and a skirt suit.)

7. A suit doesn’t have to be a suit.

Hello! This is why suits are such an excellent investment—they’re two perfectly-fitted staples that you can rotate into your wardrobe in all kinds of ways. Pair a suit top with a pair of crisp white jeans or a suit pant with a killer linen suit jacket. The embellishments—hats, handkerchiefs, et al—are what make the outfit.

8. It’s the little things that allow your personality to shine.

Sometimes, a whisper is more powerful than a yell, and in the case of fashion, it’s often more effective to show your style through elements like a bold printed sock, a cheery pocket square, or a flower on your lapel, rather than a look-at-me printed dress or a color-packed outfit.

9. Ankles are dead sexy.

Seriously! Case in point:

10. A crisp white tee and jeans can be all the uniform you’ll ever need.

Emphasis on crisp. These guys make us want to buy a 12-pack of ultra-white tees stat.

11. A great pair of sneakers can go with everything.

Sure, we dwell a lot on accessories when it comes to making an outfit, but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive! Sneakers can take the “fuss” out of a formal suit, or give a sporty spin to a crisp ensemble.

12. Hats. Get one. (Feather optional.)

They’re like a killer statement necklace—or statement earrings!—except less fussy.

Beat The Heat Without Making A Summer Fashion Faux Pas

The summer heat is on, so a lot of people are taking it off to beat the heat. That makes for a lot of summer fashion faux pas, CBS 2′s Cindy Hsu reported. Unless you’re at the beach, super short shorts are not the way to go, said fashion expert Dawn Del Russo.

Del Russo said showing off your bra straps is another big “don’t.” “If you are comfortable, wear a strapless bra,” she said. “It’s the easiest way, fastest solution.” And you can always go with convertible plastic straps, but don’t wear them with a strapless top. Also, super sheer beachwear should be saved for the sand. Lexi Krapel, spotted walking in Manhattan, said she handles the changing temperatures with a super light sweater.

“I always say to bring a sweater with you no matter where you go,” she said. “I just think that’s very important so, that way, if you’re hot or cold, you can always take it off or put it back on.” If you like to wear white, keep the undergarments the same color as your skin — and watch those panty lines. As far as footwear, the high gladiator sandals don’t work well with shorts. And for men, heavy boots are a no-go, especially with black socks. And speaking of socks, don’t pull them up.

While some women try it, Del Russo said boots in the summer is another “don’t.” “It looks awkward, it looks uncomfortable, and your feet are hot,” Del Russo said. With all the heat and sweating going on, it’s a good idea to keep deodorant in your bag at all times.

If it sometimes rubs off on your clothes, you can stock up on deodorant-removing sponges at most drugstores or just use a baby wipe. Also, with the heat, less makeup is better Del Russo said oil-blotting tissues can help you look cool.

“It gets all the sweat off perfectly, but leaves your makeup in place really nicely,” she said. But the biggest tip is to keep cool and enjoy your summer.

Fashion trends men don’t understand

Every woman wants to be fashionable, but sometimes, following these “fashion forward” trends can be downright intimidating to the average male. Can some styles turn guys off, and ultimately cause them to look the other way?

We showed male Fort Hays student’s pictures of women who are rocking some of this season’s hottest trends, and their responses were, well…typical.

Of course, high-waisted shorts are a summer staple for females everywhere. Pairing these “mom jeans,” as men like to call them, with a crop top and sandals creates the ultimate summer attire. However, some men are unsure about this well-worn trend. There’s even a Facebook page discussing the hatred of high-waisted shorts.

“When I walk on campus and see girls wearing them, it gives me some sort of weird flashback to a time period I wasn’t a part of,” said Joel Boden, Russell junior.

“It’s a scientific fact that the older a person gets, the higher up their waistline ultimately becomes. Why speed the process along on your 65-year journey to the old lady lifestyle by dressing like one now?” said a commentator on totalfratmove.com.

While most women don’t wear high-waisted shorts in an attempt to look like their mother, they do wear them to accentuate their curves.

“I wear them because they are super flattering, and allow me to wear cropped shirts,” said Natalie Bethel, Hays junior.

“When you find a pair of high-waisted shorts that suits your figure, it can give you a polished look.”

Another trend men clearly don’t understand is the peplum top, which again, flatters ones figure.

“I understand that the peplum is considered to be “high fashion,” but it looks like she’s one of the people in the Hunger Games,”Simpson said.

Oddly enough when Boden is shown a picture of the peplum top, he too agrees that “this piece is definitely ripped straight off of ‘The Hunger Games.”

“I don’t even know what I’m looking at,” said Nick VonLintel, Hays senior.

There are obviously more women’s fashion trends that men just don’t quite understand. It appears that men would prefer to see women wearing a simple, uncomplicated outfit, as opposed to an ensemble that women consider to be fashionable. Aside from these differing opinions, us girls continue to wear the season’s hottest trends. Why? Because we can.

Brighter colors, better fit make women’s golf wear fashionable

Fashion in women’s golf has changed as much as the perception of the women’s game itself.

Mary Lopuszynski, the senior director of U.S. Open merchandising, has been with the United States Golf Association for 20 years, and has seen the change firsthand.

“When I first started, women’s apparel was pretty much men’s apparel cut smaller, downsized, and it’s changed immensely over the years,” Lopuszynski said. “Now it’s more fashion colors, certainly not white. It’s a lot of different colors, and I think that’s what’s the best seller now.”

Color is not the only thing that determines what women look for in their golf fashion.

“The fit, it looks like you might not even see it on the golf course,” said Lopuszynski. “It’s more lifestyle.”

Makers of women’s golf fear have even extended their brands beyond the course.

“Even if some is appropriate to wear it on the golf course, like a collared shirt, you’ll probably see some pieces of that line that you wouldn’t see on the golf course because women are going from the course to the clubhouse, to the lunch and that kind of thing,” said Lopuszynski.

Even the men have adopted some of the more vibrant, lively colors.

“There are a lot of fresh, bright colors as well which did start with the women’s and moved over to men’s. I think men saw women wearing them and decided they wanted it too,” Lopuszynski said.

Like in most fashion lines, women have more options than men do. The USGA brought in some new lines and clothes just for the women’s week that weren’t offered during the men’s week.

Records are already being set at the Women’s Open, and the tournament hasn’t even started yet.

“Tuesday was our best sales day ever in U.S. Open Women’s history. We had our No. 1 day across the board with all the U.S. Women’s Open Championships through the years, so it was a fantastic day,” said Lopuszynski.

A big reason for the record sales is because of the back-to-back Opens.

“Usually at the Women’s Open the merchandise pavilion is much smaller. Because we have the large merchandise pavilion we’re able to offer more products and have a wider variety,” Lopuszynski said.

Fans have the opportunity to dress like the professionals.

Fan and shopper Charl Swindell, from Elizabeth City, likes the options shoppers are given at the Open.

“It’s all the same whether you are playing or watching,” said Swindell. “It’s become a lot less conservative. You have much brighter colors now. It’s not quite as plain and a lot more showy than it was five or 10 years ago. It’s a lot more fun.”

The change in fashion changes the appearance of the players, but also of the game for fans.

“I think it’s made the sport more approachable to everyone because they can see fashions that they would not wear otherwise,” said Swindell.

Made-in-America Fashion Finds for Ladies and Gents

What better way to show your patriotism than by wearing clothes created stateside? Here, our made-in-America picks for women and men just in time for the Fourth of July.

Bistro Dress by Buckley K.

Revitalize the classic sailor-stripe pattern with this flirty dress by Buckley K. The Chicago sisters behind the brand take an international, travel-inspired approach to the line’s effortless styles, but when it comes to production, they keep it local. Every piece is produced in Chicago or New York.

Nanette Lepore Hideaway Wide Leg Pique Shorts.

Summer is best spent in bright white. These shorts from New York Garment District advocate Nanette Lepore feature a subtle, textured pattern and a sophisticated, wide-leg silhouette to elevate your look. Just keep the ketchup far, far away.

Randolph Engineering Concorde Classic 52mm Sunglasses.

Rather than simply being military inspired, these aviators from Randolph Engineering are the real deal. The company has been supplying sunglasses to the U.S. Military since the ’70s. Civilians can adopt the style with these 23-carat, gold-plate finish sunglasses.

National Parks 990 by New Balance.

Gentlemen, step up your sneaker game with a pair from New Balance’s Made in USA line in good ol’ red, white, and blue. These sneaks were inspired by our country’s national parks, but look just as cool on city streets.

Peplum Skirt Dress by Steven Alan.

A breezy, lightweight dress complements the laid-back style of Fourth of July barbecues. This blue one from Steven Alan has stylish details like a tiered bottom, tiny dots, and a loose tie at the waist.

C. and C. California Stripe Crop Top.

Have you tried wearing crop tops? This one’s soft, sweatshirt-like material makes the trend more approachable, and its neckline details and faded stripes give off a casual vibe.

Made in America Oxford by Club Monaco.

Made from comfortable cotton, this Oxford shirt from Club Monaco matches everything already in your closet, from dark denim to madras shorts. The button-down collar keeps it casual, so you’ll be the best dressed, yet not overdressed, on Independence Day.

The Row Constance Maxi Dress.

The maxi length reigns supreme this season. Pair this crisp white dress with simple sandals for a picnic, or dress it up with bold jewelry and statement heels if your fireworks-watching plans involve a swanky rooftop party.

J Brand Jeans Photoready Skinny Leg Denim Jeans.

After a long winter of dark jeans, a lighter wash feels refreshing. This pair of American-made cropped denim looks on-trend and festive with any red, white, or blue top.

Engagement rings made of silver – Simple and Stylish

Whose in love bears eventually change his relationship with the idea and go one-step further in the form of an engagement. The purchase of engagement rings is a symbol that you chose not to take the wedding vows and spend the rest of his life together. The selected rings illustrate this promise by wearing. Only when the marriage took place, the engagement rings are replaced. The significance associated with wearing these rings can grow the demands on the model.

Rings, whether for the engagement or the wedding should look attractive even after several years, so a good workmanship and quality, it is very important. In recent years, the choice of materials is becoming more diverse, which makes the selection of an appropriate model. Gold is a material that is associated with eternity; price is very expensive, however. For this reason, rings of silver are purchased more frequently, because this material offers many benefits its owners.

The huge range of models allows even the most unusual and individual pieces can be purchased. The engagement rings represent the union of two people, so understandably it is appreciated that the design is unique and unusual. Silver is very tough, so the appearance of the design is not compromised, even after years of daily wear.

Silver rings, a new trend

Because of the cost to have the material silver and is now becoming an increasingly essential part of jewellery making. The designs range from now romantic, playful about extravagant to failure. A wedding ring in silver is thus no initial second choice, but a quality purchase. The Internet has also become established in the field of jewellery ever sold, used, and liked a lot. The advantage of the Internet is the huge assortment that is offered to interested parties.

Countless models can be viewed and compared. Another advantage is that many providers do remember to note their information in relation to the design or the material and facilitate the decision for or against a purchase. The selected ring reminds stay together I repeatedly of his promise, so it is important that you should be completely satisfied with its selected model and does not compromise.

Jewellery Earrings made of polymer clay

To be pretty, flashy earrings have, you do not necessarily care about in an expensive jewellery store. Using special clay that is cured in an oven, and a little creativity, you can get easily exceptional jewellery. FIMO Soft is the magical clay, which makes it possible to make at home even costume jewellery. Both children and adults may thus have the colourful fun of it and even get a benefit. For a pair of earrings in the simplest design you need in addition to the clay in three different colours, two ear hooks, round cookie cutters in three different sizes, best glass, and an oven.

How it works:

The FIMO clay to be kneaded is best to first for a while in the hands, it is soft and smooth, and you can roll each colour with a rolling pin on the base. Of each colour plate now two circles are punched in the same size, giving you six circuits (e.g. 2x5cm, 2x4cm, 2X3cm). These circuits will now be superposed so that the whole is the largest downwards; it comes to the middle and the end of the smallest.Each circle should be pressed firmly in the other. If it grooves or other irregularities occur, it makes the whole thing even more unusual.

You can then decorate the finished circles with glass beads or some glitter. Your imagination is no limit. Join two earrings now one hole with a thick darning needle so that later in this space, the ear hook can be attached. Then the circles on a baking sheet lined with baking sheet be cured for half an hour at 110 degrees in the oven.

Let the FIMO circles then cool well and bring you only the ear hook, because the newly minted Earring parts are very hot after removing them. To get more shine and make the jewellery some soil-resistant, you paint the earrings finish with a clear coat (e.g. VBS Hobby shipping).

The homemade earrings are finished!By the way, you can mix each colour block of FIMO and with each other. Therefore, you get a very nice marbling effect. Lightening a colour is then possible with the help of white.

Rings made of white gold

There are rings made of various materials. The people still prefer precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold or silver. In addition, stainless steel rings, as a cheap alternative to expensive rings, more and younger people just bought and worn.

Rings in white gold are becoming popular

The ring is the symbol of endless love represents. Actually, rings have neither a beginning nor an end. There are various reasons in the life of two lovers is to purchase rings. This begins with the partner or friendship rings and then sits naturally continue with engagement rings and wedding rings. The choice of material can have both financial as well as ideological reasons.

The partner or friendship ring is often the first ring of a couple

The first partner ring is usually made of silver, which has often-financial reasons since young people, such as teenagers usually have little money. With the engagement ring is then usually the first gold ring in the life of a couple. However, even with the golden rings, there are differences. Therefore, the rings are different from gold in the purity of the gold, but also in gold colour.

Gold comes in different qualities

Gold is known for purity. Such cheap gold rings usually have only one 333 stamp. Higher quality gold rings identify themselves with their higher gold content, with the 585 stamp. The fact that these different qualities also differ in price, each would be understandable. Nevertheless, the processing plays an important role when it comes to price and value.

White gold

Young couples first might not dare to wear once the rings in yellow gold, a silver ring when previously graced the hands of loved ones, then a partner white gold ring is usually better. Nevertheless, for many young people is one of the choice of the colour gold, just the background to stand out from the rings of the parents. Also in white gold, the material high demands. If the purity of white gold rings play a role, then it will be decided based on price.