Fashion trends men don’t understand

Every woman wants to be fashionable, but sometimes, following these “fashion forward” trends can be downright intimidating to the average male. Can some styles turn guys off, and ultimately cause them to look the other way?

We showed male Fort Hays student’s pictures of women who are rocking some of this season’s hottest trends, and their responses were, well…typical.

Of course, high-waisted shorts are a summer staple for females everywhere. Pairing these “mom jeans,” as men like to call them, with a crop top and sandals creates the ultimate summer attire. However, some men are unsure about this well-worn trend. There’s even a Facebook page discussing the hatred of high-waisted shorts.

“When I walk on campus and see girls wearing them, it gives me some sort of weird flashback to a time period I wasn’t a part of,” said Joel Boden, Russell junior.

“It’s a scientific fact that the older a person gets, the higher up their waistline ultimately becomes. Why speed the process along on your 65-year journey to the old lady lifestyle by dressing like one now?” said a commentator on

While most women don’t wear high-waisted shorts in an attempt to look like their mother, they do wear them to accentuate their curves.

“I wear them because they are super flattering, and allow me to wear cropped shirts,” said Natalie Bethel, Hays junior.

“When you find a pair of high-waisted shorts that suits your figure, it can give you a polished look.”

Another trend men clearly don’t understand is the peplum top, which again, flatters ones figure.

“I understand that the peplum is considered to be “high fashion,” but it looks like she’s one of the people in the Hunger Games,”Simpson said.

Oddly enough when Boden is shown a picture of the peplum top, he too agrees that “this piece is definitely ripped straight off of ‘The Hunger Games.”

“I don’t even know what I’m looking at,” said Nick VonLintel, Hays senior.

There are obviously more women’s fashion trends that men just don’t quite understand. It appears that men would prefer to see women wearing a simple, uncomplicated outfit, as opposed to an ensemble that women consider to be fashionable. Aside from these differing opinions, us girls continue to wear the season’s hottest trends. Why? Because we can.

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