Jewellery Earrings made of polymer clay

To be pretty, flashy earrings have, you do not necessarily care about in an expensive jewellery store. Using special clay that is cured in an oven, and a little creativity, you can get easily exceptional jewellery. FIMO Soft is the magical clay, which makes it possible to make at home even costume jewellery. Both children and adults may thus have the colourful fun of it and even get a benefit. For a pair of earrings in the simplest design you need in addition to the clay in three different colours, two ear hooks, round cookie cutters in three different sizes, best glass, and an oven.

How it works:

The FIMO clay to be kneaded is best to first for a while in the hands, it is soft and smooth, and you can roll each colour with a rolling pin on the base. Of each colour plate now two circles are punched in the same size, giving you six circuits (e.g. 2x5cm, 2x4cm, 2X3cm). These circuits will now be superposed so that the whole is the largest downwards; it comes to the middle and the end of the smallest.Each circle should be pressed firmly in the other. If it grooves or other irregularities occur, it makes the whole thing even more unusual.

You can then decorate the finished circles with glass beads or some glitter. Your imagination is no limit. Join two earrings now one hole with a thick darning needle so that later in this space, the ear hook can be attached. Then the circles on a baking sheet lined with baking sheet be cured for half an hour at 110 degrees in the oven.

Let the FIMO circles then cool well and bring you only the ear hook, because the newly minted Earring parts are very hot after removing them. To get more shine and make the jewellery some soil-resistant, you paint the earrings finish with a clear coat (e.g. VBS Hobby shipping).

The homemade earrings are finished!By the way, you can mix each colour block of FIMO and with each other. Therefore, you get a very nice marbling effect. Lightening a colour is then possible with the help of white.

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